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Personalized Collection

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind gift?  My Personalized Prints will make your dear one feel loved and adored.

After my friend Jade lost her beloved horse Casino, the Anam Cara print I made helped her through the grieving process.  Her gratitude inspired this series. Read more.

Each of these exquisitely reproduced Fine Art Prints includes a two-to four-line portrait in prose, describing your loved one's best qualities. It is sure to touch his or her heart. Whether he or she is nine months old or ninety years young, your loved one will quickly grow attached to these wonderfully soul-nourishing artworks and will look to their Anam Cara for inspiration.

"You have me teary eyed. Your beautiful watercolor art and message from the Anam Cara will affect anyone that LOVES from the purest heart of their eternal being."           -- Jade Griffin, artist/writer