Collection: Bespoke Blessings

The Perfect Gift for a Child of Any Age. 

For years, I've given my Anam Caras prints to my dear friends, young and old, and sold to friends of friends. I incorporated into the design of each artwork a message and blessing.  I composed a few sentences that conveyed my love and admiration for the person for whom the print was intended.   Everyone who received one of my prints was deeply touched.  A few people even wept.

Now, I'm offering these wonderfully soul nourishing artworks on a made-to-order basis.  I offer two versions: Bespoke and one that is perfect for a Baby or (young) Child.  

Learn about the horse that inspired this collection. Read more.


"You have me teary eyed. Your beautiful watercolor art and message from the Anam Cara will affect anyone that LOVES from the purest heart of their eternal being."           -- Jade Griffin, artist/writer