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Magical Names & Words Collection X

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind gift?  What could be more magical than the Anam Caras spelling your loved one's name?

The Anam Caras believe a person’s name is magical. Each of my museum-quality Anam Caras Magical Name Prints includes a beautiful blessing written for your loved one.

For years, my go-to-gift for friends is a print that includes a custom blessing that is essentially a portrait in prose.  On the print, under my watercolor of the Anam Cara(s), I always write a few sentences about my friend.  Written In artful prose, I capture my friend’s unique essence.  

 I’ve given prints to friends for birthdays, weddings, showers, holiday gifts and as a memorial after a family member or pet passed away.  Everyone has been deeply touched.  A few people even wept.  So, now I’ve decided to give you the opportunity to offer your loved one an Anam Caras print with a custom blessing. 

"You have me teary eyed. Your art will affect anyone that LOVES from the purest heart of their eternal being."   -- Jade Griffin, artist/writer