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The Horse That Inspired my Custom Anamabet Collection

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  Casino was a beautiful, chestnut Thoroughbred, a fleet-footed former racehorse, with a heart of gold. The love my friend Jade shared with her horse Casino was the stuff of YA novels, a girl and her horse with an unbreakable bond. I met Casino and Jade, a decade ago, shortly after Jade purchased the horse of her dreams. At the time, the hot-blooded gelding was a bit too much for a first-time horse owner. And so, for the first few years of their relationship, Jade only hand-walked her new friend. Slowly, but surely, bond developed, as good solid relationships do,...

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Cats make the best photo shoot assistants!

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While my friend Michael and I were shooting photos of my framed art prints for this store, my cat Pangur Ban insisted on helping. I shot between 8 and 9 am, several days in a row. That's when direct sunlight streams into my living room, giving me the best natural light.  I love, love, love the "Two-headed Ghost Kitty" photo! Pangur is sitting on an antique buffet. If you look closely, you'll notice his head is in front of a carved lion's head.    How was it done? Camera was on a tripod. Michael shot a timed exposure of 1/4 of...

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By George, I think she likes it! Don't you?


Here's one of my favorite Christmas photos.  Little Jaxson Enriquez on Christmas morning with her print of Jaalan, her Anam Cara (from my custom Anamabet collection)!  She's so adorable in her pink poodle jammies and infectious smile! Jaxson is a remarkable little girl.  At five years old, she became a vegetarian.  Jaxson loved animals so much she told her mom she wasn't going to eat them anymore. She wasn't influenced by any of her family members because they all eat meat. I highly suspect Jaalan suggested it!  

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