About Anam Caras

One of Colleen's earliest drawings of the Anam Caras.

Anam Caras are guardian spirits from the Land of Soul.  You may not see them, or hear them, or even sense their presence, but rest assured, at this very moment, an Anam Cara is with you, guiding and protecting you. Your Soul Friend has led you here. Anam Caras are as real as the earth and as luminous as the moon.

Anam Caras means Soul Friends in Irish Gaelic.  If you haven’t heard of Anam Caras, you’re not alone. Why Angels and fairies are well known and Anam Caras are not, remains a mystery. The earliest reference to an Anam Cara was by Saint Bridget of Kildare, Ireland back in the 5th Century: "Is colainn gan cheann duine gan Anam Cara” which means, “A person without a soul friend is like a body without a head."

Anam Caras wield the healing powers of love and compassion. Their message is simple, “Peace begins in your heart.” Their mission is to bless the soul of everyone on earth, empowering all to create world peace through inner peace. It matters not if you believe in Anam Caras, or the power of their blessings, because they believe in you.