Museum Quality Prints of Fantastical Spirit-Animals, the Anam Caras, debuts on Kickstarter in time for the Holidays!



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Museum Quality Prints of Fantastical Spirit-Animals, the Anam Caras,
debuts on Kickstarter in time for the Holidays.


(Los Angeles, CA November 2017) – Anam Caras Fine Art Prints” debuts this month on Kickstarter. Reporters can learn more about the campaign, artist Colleen Stratton, and the inspiring story behind the creation of her collection of Anam Caras fine art prints here:

Anam Caras Fine Art Prints – is a personalized, museum-quality print series of fantastical spirit-animals called Anam Caras.  An Anam Cara is a friend to your soul, a magical spirit who will guide you and protect you. The earliest reference to an Anam Caras was the 5th century in Ireland. Their name means Soul Friends in Gaelic. Los Angeles-based artist/writer Colleen Stratton painted a magical Anam Caras alphabet series and paired each of her watercolors with an inspiring blessing from the Anam Cara. Example: “May you always know your essence is Love.”

An Anam Caras Fine Print is a truly unique gift for a child or adult. All prints can be customized with a message written by the artist. Each personalized paragraph is essentially a love letter to the person for whom the print is intended, encapsulating the best qualities. Colleen Stratton’s wonderfully soul-nourishing artworks will make anyone who receives a print feel loved and adored.


Colleen Stratton’s artwork perfectly captures the peaceful spirit of the Anam Caras. The graceful watercolor illustrations, each accompanied by a positive message, display a personality and attitude all their own. The gentle line work and pastel colors evoke children’s illustration of years past - yet the drawings feel fresh and alive. 
-- Frans Vischer, author/illustrator of the Fuddles the cat series of books.

"My daughter loves her Anam Caras print!  It hangs above her changing table
and when I’m changing her, she talks to her Anam Caras.” 
 -- Deanna Maloney, DeLuxe Salon owner, Studio City

Anam Caras Fine Art Prints are printed on Hahnemühle Museum Etching paper. Hahnemühle’s master papermakers have been creating beautiful papers from natural fibers, using green power, since 1584.