New collection of Heirloom Quality Art for Children of All Ages.



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New collection of Heirloom Quality Art for Children of All Ages.

Los Angeles, CA (September, 2020) – An Anam Caras Fine Print is a truly unique gift for a child or an adult. All prints can be customized with a message written by the artist. The personalized text on each print is essentially a love letter to the person for whom the print is intended, encapsulating their best qualities. Colleen Stratton’s wonderfully soul-nourishing artworks will make anyone who receives a print feel loved and adored.

Los Angeles-based artist/writer Colleen Stratton painted a series of watercolor and ink illustrations of fantastical spirit-animals she calls Anam Caras. An Anam Cara is a friend to your soul, a magical spirit who will guide you and protect you. The earliest reference to an Anam Caras was the 5th century in Ireland. Their name means Soul Friends in Gaelic.

Colleen paired each of her watercolors of the Anam Caras with an inspiring personalized blessing and created a collection of bespoke, museum-quality prints for children of all ages. She prints with the utmost care in her studio on her favorite deckle edge paper by Hahnemühle. Hahnemühle’s master papermakers have been creating beautiful papers from natural fibers, using green power, since 1584.

Colleen Stratton launches her new Bespoke Blessings Collection. These personalized prints are the perfect gift for the holidays, birthdays, weddings, baby showers and Valentine’s Day. Gift certificates are available for last minute shoppers. Reporters can download images and see pricing at:


As a child, whenever there were little trinkets in stores with children’s names, I never saw my name.  I just became used to this.  When I read the sentiment below the whimsical character, what a lovely surprise!  it was very moving and evoked this memory of long ago.  I saw my name.  You wove it so beautifully into all my life's work. 
-- Renate Andrasevits Reed, equine physical therapist, Rancho Palos Verdes, California.